We all have the skills to do something fantastic, so Lance Collective has an entire team. More than people, they are freelancers who always add more value to every project. This means we have a team, a work group that discusses and participates in the projects at hand.

Mónica Aragão


Hello! Bonjour! I’m Monica, I was born in France, I grew up and learned so much of what I am and know today in Toronto, Canada – the city of my heart. But Portugal has been very dear to me for many years now and I also feel at home here. It was at the University of Minho that I studied Social Communication and, after having experimented and worked with various types of writing – advertising, publishing, radio and web – I currently work as a freelance copywriter, editor and translator. I believe writing runs in my veins… I’ve been writing since I learned my ABCs and discovered the wonderful world of brand new notebooks. I spend my days surrounded by books, my vintage typewriters, notebooks and planners, chocolate and coffee. I already have a child, I’ve already planted a tree, now I just have to write that book.

Daniela Sousa

Photography, Daniela Sousa Photography

Hi! I’m Daniela, I’m in love with the simple things in life, but it was a great love that made me swap marketing for photography. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Communication and after a few years working in marketing, I quickly realized that I was 100% happy with a camera in my hand, close to people and emotions. 2015 was the most challenging year of my life – despite being a photographer for many years, I decided to take a leap of faith and dedicate myself 100% to my personal project. It is my greatest pride and a story I never tire of telling, over and over again. With a big smile on my face, I can truly say that I’m Happy!

Rita Quintela

Photography, CV Love

I’m Rita and my professional life started as an Environmental Engineer, an area in which I have a bachelor’s degree, but I’ve always been a photographer, a passionate and heartfelt one. Influenced by my parents, I’m used to walking around with a camera since forever, but it was in 2010, when I got married, that I received my first Canon reflex camera. As I began to do photography work, I quickly realized that the area of photography that most fascinates and completes me is the one that includes people, families and children, along with the feelings of affection, friendship and love between them… and, whenever possible, in my favorite “scenery”, outside with lots of natural light.